Astrology Reading

I offer astrology reports and personal readings which you can select from the list below:

First a word about my “reports”… I don’t just send a single report on your natal chart. If you include your full name, I can do a Numerology Report. With Current location I can include a locational report. I will also include a Forecast Report and profile scores. There are others available, but these are the most common.

  • Basic Report for One Person $20
  • Basic Report for Two People $30
  • Composite Compatibility Report $40 (includes individual reports from above)

For personal in depth readings in addition to the above reports, I would ask for an additional donation based on the depth or amount of information or time requested. It is difficult to set a price to time since it is priceless, and my difficulty is also in asking for money doing something I love and would gladly do for free. However, I need to eat and exchange money energy for survival too, so your donations is this exchange of energy to balance the equation.

Please fill out the form below to contact me or order a report/reading.

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